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Water meter

The water meter is an instrument used to measure the actual consumption of water. It usually gets place under the kitchen sink, or in the bathroom next to the general water shut-off, sometimes it also gets place outside the terrace or garden inside a niche with a door.

Water meter

It is mandatory in every single flat / user, it is possible to read the reading in the upper part of the dial, the latest models have a numbering, then there are also digital ones.

  • There are various types: dry, wet, cold, hot.
  • Dry water meter: ideal for outdoors where it can freeze.
  • Wet water meter: very accurate for indoors.

Wet, dry and semi-dry dial water meter counter

The circulating water totally immerses the wet dial counter, the watchmaking. The internal roller system is contained in a separate, watertight housing. The transmission therefore passes from a turbine to the gears.

Wet, dry and semi-dry dial counter

The dry dial meter has a mechanism that hermetically separates from the section in which the passage of water is present. This area therefore remains completely dry. Given the separation, the transmission takes place exclusively through a magnetic coupling between the same clock and the turbine.

The semi-dry dial meter owes this definition to the roller chamber filled with liquid, with a sealed section of the dial, in order to protect the innermost parts from any kind of penetration, of dust, humidity, or liquid of the system.

Counter with remote reading

The meter with remote reading uses a system that allows remote control of technological installations in private users. All this allows you to optimize the performance of the systems in the home, increasing both their safety and efficiency. Still little used.

Who is responsible for replacing the meter?

In Barnet, even a plumber can change it, but this change needs some clarifications. Foremost, if it is legible, the old reading, you must immediately report to the company in charge of the reading. In any case the day / month / year of the replacement, this serves to adequately divide the actual consumption.

Very salty water bill, the fault of the meter?

I would say no, check the toilet well if it has leaks is the number 1 cause of exaggerated consumption, however check if the meter reads properly and the numbers flow, sometimes it can freeze, and it is necessary to change it, if you do not notice the company in charge of you will charge a fee in line with previous years or at a flat rate.

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