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How to clean clogged toilets

Low Water PressureClogged toilets are often the most unpleasant type of drain clog you’ll have to deal with. It’s difficult to determine exactly where the problem lies, because most clogs occur at the top of the trap, which is part of the toilet. A toilet that overflows is obviously clogged, but a slow flush is also a sign of a clog. Many minor clogs can be cleared with a plunger, but more severe clogs require the use of a toilet drill, also known as a “snake.”


Turn off the water supply through the valve behind the toilet when it is almost overflowing, and cover the floor with towels or old rags.

Using a bucket and a disposable cup, empty out some of the water from the bowl when it is almost overflowing until there is just enough water in the bowl to cover the plunger bowl.

Insert a toilet plug into the bowl so that the neck fits into the drain opening. A toilet plug is larger than a sink plug and has a flange or protrusion on the bottom of the rubber bowl that resembles a neck. If your plunger does not have this flange, it is designed for a sink drain and should not be used in your toilet.

Push the plunger up and down about 12 times. Remove the plunger to allow the water to flow out of the drain. If the water does not drain or drains slowly, push the plunger again. You may need to push the plunger several times to completely clear the blockage.

If the water drains slowly, pour out a bucket of hot water to clear any residue in the drain and run the plunger one last time.

Toilet auger

Insert the end of the auger that does not have a handle into the bowl so that the curved tip is facing up.

Turn the handle clockwise while pushing the auger down. As you crank, feel the auger cable move up and through the siphon.

Continue turning the handle until you encounter resistance, then turn it counterclockwise until you feel it tighten again.

Turn the handle clockwise and push the cable through the blockage. Then continue turning until you have pulled out the entire length of the auger cable.

Turn the handle counterclockwise and pull upward to extract the cable.

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